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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children September 16th, 2005

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My views on the movie basically mirror what pretty much everyone is saying so far. The plot stinks, the characters have little development, but the animation, the soundtrack and the glorious action scenes are a big reason to love this movie. I have to admit, that I have never played the game, (don’t hit me!) but I know the general idea of the story, and I know how greatly respected it is. Apparently, the movie does very little to add to the storyline and barely expands upon the ideas, but it was still incredibly enjoyable to watch, no matter on it’s downsides. The animation isn’t on-par with that other CG movie, ie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, but you can’t really expect it to be, since it’s not as big, yet it’s still damn impressive.

Warning: A few slightly spoiler-ish pics when reading the full article.

FF7AC - 001FF7AC - 001FF7AC - 001FF7AC - 001FF7AC - 001FF7AC - 001FF7AC - 001FF7AC - 001FF7AC - 001

There are a lot more pics and a much greater review over at Memento’s blog, as well as some interesting discussion in the comments about the movie.

In related news, after the tech demo showed at E3 from Square which showed a remake of the introduction to Final Fantasy VII, rumours spread across the Internet about a project to make a new version of Square’s greatest hit, FF7. Testuya Nomura, director of Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts II has spoke out on how he’d love to do a remake of the game, although only if he can find time in his busy schedule. But as Joystiq says, people are bound to angry:

So, there you have it, if Tetsuya Nomura magically finds time in his busy schedule to remake his epic RPG, he will do it. So, not exactly the words many were hoping for – not only does it upset people who think it is sacrilegous to remake the game, but it also upsets everyone else who wants to see Cloud Strife in PS3 glory.



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