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Stay On My Side Tonight September 27th, 2005

Posted by alsotop in Music.

Jimmy Eat World - Stay On My Side TonightJimmy Eat World’s latest EP release, Stay On My Side Tonight is released October 4th, although fans have been able to get a download copy ever since September 13th. The other day, I managed to get my hands on the EP… and have been listening to it ever since. Disintegration is one of the finest songs I’ve ever heard, with a gloriously fashioned “build-up” style to the music, that has deemed itself worthy of a 5-star rating in my iTunes library. In fact, I’ve listened to it so much, its knocked Jimmy Eat World to the number one spot on my Last.fm profile. The two other new tracks, Over and Closer, are faster-paced tracks with a more upbeat rhythm, followed by a cover of Heatmiser’s Half Right. The EP ends with a remix of “Drugs Or Me” featured on the Futures album, by Styrofoam.

The new original tracks were pieces the band were working on when recording Futures, but believed they never fit in with the sequence of the CD, and were unfortunately cut, but I am so very glad that they have been released. After the tour with Green Day, it is said the band is grouping to start work on their followup album to Futures.



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