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FLCL September 29th, 2005

Posted by alsotop in Anime.

FLCL Screencap 1 FLCL Screencap 2

One sentence review for the entire series: “what the heck was that?” That was such a bizarre, whacked out show. It had some interesting ideas, different styles and generally weird characters and a random story that didn’t really make any sense at all. It’s really fast-paced, since they were trying to fit a storyline (there actually is a storyline if you look deeply enough) into the short 6-episode season. It’s even rumoured that GAINAX used an entire 26-episode budget on this 6-episode series with the intent of experimenting with new technologies. Definitely the best part of the whole thing was the excelent soundtrack, performed almost entirely by the pillows. Overal, even though the show gave off a very dodgy feel to it, it was still quite enjoyable, and well worth my 2 hours, 30 minutes watching.

“What is Furi Kuri?”
“I don’t know!”
“You’re the main character! How can you not know?!”

FLCL Screencap 3 FLCL Screencap 4

PS: I know. Five years old. I’m behind the times. Now you can get off my back! 



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