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Zettai Shounen 17+18 September 30th, 2005

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Zettai Shounen 17 - Pic 1 Zettai Shounen 17 - Pic 2
Zettai Shounen 17 - Pic 3 Zettai Shounen 17 - Pic 4

The Triad released two episodes of Zettai Shounen this week, which means we’ve now caught up with original airing in Japan. Episode 17 takes a sidestep from the material fairies and we are treated to some character development and more in to the weird triangle relationship between Kisa, Shigeki and Rieko. Shigeki tries to get closer to Kisa, who still shuts him out a bit, while Rieko is trying to get Shigeki and tells him that Kisa “has nothing”. He’s taken back and bites back, saying that Rieko doesn’t understand either Kisa or himself. Shigeki is busy preparing for his big Shogi game tomorrow, but after the fight with Rieko he’s feeling slightly down. After a match against Hana (who it turns out was his original Shogi teacher) she tells him that he must fight his oponents head on. When Rieko finds out Shigeki had his big tournament today, she’s upset and worries that he may lose at his match because of what she had said yesterday (she also regretted what she had said, since she wanted to hold a birthday party for Kisa). Hana lets her have the day off, and she decides to run to the Shogi institute to find a battered Shigeki, after he lost his game. Shigeki says that Rieko doesn’t need to understand him and says they should head home, but Rieko forces him to go on by himself, as she stays behind crying. Meanwhile, Sukawara is stranded on the ferris wheel which breaks down (and she thinks it has something to do with the material fairies) and once she finally gets off, she takes her chance to be “Reporter Sa-ka-wa-ra!” (be careful not to mispronounce it!) and comments on the strange going-ons lately.

Zettai Shounen 18 - Pic 1 Zettai Shounen 18 - Pic 2 Zettai Shounen 18 - Pic 3 Zettai Shounen 18 - Pic 4 Zettai Shounen 18 - Pic 5 Zettai Shounen 18 - Pic 6

Episode 18 starts with a short scene with Kisa, marking her seventeenth birthday as the clock turns to 0:01. This episode also sees the return of Ayumu (who we saw in Episode 16 having a long conversation over the phone with Miki). Over the phone again, he talks to Miki about seeing Old Laky Okaka, although she disappeared the night after she came. Later, Kisa is standing staring at the “Trust Yourself” graffiti, when Ayumu sees her, and notices she’s staring into her bag. They swap cellphone numbers so that they can talk about the “material fairies.” Rieko is learning Shogi from “Shogi for Dummies” and asks Hana if she might be able to understand Shigeki by learning to play Shogi, but Hana says that those are two very different things. I can’t help feel more sorry for Rieko, although she seems more selfish, she seems to be getting a lot of undeserved hatred from Shigeki. Later, Kisa is upset because although she knew no one would remember her birthday, it hits her hard when she finally realises it. Kisa and Shigeki arrange to meet Ayumu since they both would like to know more about whats going on. Makki over hears Shigeki talking, and tips of Sukawara so that she can see Kisa’s Bun-chan. When Shigeki and Kisa meet up, Kisa is taken back when he offers her a birthday present, before they go off to an isolated park to meet with Ayumu (Sukawara and Makki later run after them to see what they are doing). Ayumu shows Shigeki and Kisa Dosshiru and Shishinn, so in turn, Kisa shows Ayumu Bun-chan, immediately, they rush off, and collide in the sky, and suddenly parts of Bun-chan drop from the sky, and Kisa lets out an awfully shrieking “Noooooo!!!” At the end of the episode, we’re left with the large spaceship from above starting to act rather ominous in the sky as lights start flickering. To be continued!

These two episodes were brilliant, and the ending to Episode 18 was brilliant and the cliffhanger we’re left on really makes you want to see Episode 19 (although as Triad report on their website, it’s going to have to wait until this time next week.. noooo!!!) The pace of the episodes has definitely picked up, especially over the Tana arc which at some points went painfully slow. The final 8 episodes promise to be very intersting indeed, as more details should be revealed about the mysteries of the material fairies.




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