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Battlestar Galactica update October 31st, 2005

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I’m still watching Battlestar Galactica (and I’m still alive, despite the grave lack of blog entries this month) and I’m still loving it. I’ve only got up to the sixthth episode, after watching Bastille Day (I really enjoyed the character of Tom Zarek, the leader of the renegade group revolting against the ‘unjust government’ – something inside me tells me he’s coming back in a later episode, if not in season one, at least season two), and the two-part episodes Act of Contrition and You Can’t Go Home Again and the latest I’ve seen, Litmus. The story is starting to be come very nicely developed, and the drama is getting really interesting as tensions between the characters raise, especially in the case of Sharon and Tyrol and the other Sharon and Helo. There is definitely an interesting story developing around Number Six and Aaron Doral who have been tracking Helo on the surface of Cylon-occupied Caprica. Next episode I have to watch, Six Degrees of Seperation looks particularly interesting, and I promise to write a more full writeup and review of the episode soon! The post is complete, although a few days later than I would have liked. Anyway, if you’d like, you can read my writeup of Six Degrees of Seperation.

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Music and MP3 players October 1st, 2005

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Last night, I reached my goal of 4000 songs in my media library before the end of September – slightly cutting it fine. I now have the grand total of about 12 days worth of music at my fingertips. I listen to a lot of music, and as Last.fm shows, I’ve listened to a lot more music lately. Yet, I still don’t have my own MP3 player. I bought a cheap nasty one in May last year, and broke it after two weeks use (it was smashed when I was getting off the bus). Right now, I’m using my friend’s iPod Shuffle, since he has come into possession of a 60gb Creative Zen (a far bit more impressive than the 512mb offered on the Shuffle). I’m currently weighing the pros and cons of MP3 players – I’m most likely going to head with an Apple product, thanks to its tieing in with iTunes (and from my experience with the iPod Shuffle, its been great). I am soon to be paid for some work I did recently that would more than cover the purchase of an MP3 player, so I have to decide which. The new ‘Nano‘ model of the iPod is really intriguing, although since its a First Generation model, its going to have problems (and as the news have shown, many people have been complaining about the scratching) so maybe waiting might be the best idea? Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for me to consider?

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Battlestar Galactica 2 – Water October 1st, 2005

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Boomer wakes up soaking wet and finds an explosive detonator in her sack. When she goes to check the Small Arms department, she finds that six G-4 detonators are missing from the supplies, and she believes she will be the primary suspect. Unable to tell anyone of what she has found, she confides in Chief Tyrol, who doesn’t really believe her. Before they can act, five explosions go off, expelling almost all of Gallactica’s water supply, which will leave them with just two days worth, so they need to act fast and find a planet with sufficient water supplies to restock. Meanwhile, back on Caprica, another Boomer cylon rescues Helo (although as seen in the last episode, a Number Six cylon let them escape) but they can’t get off Cylon-occupied Caprica because they have already found the ship she came back in on. Boomer and Helo are excited when they hear a Colonial Fleet signal, which they presume means someone else is on the planet, but they can’t decode the message. When Boomer returns after finding a suitable planet for water refilling, she lets Cheif know of the final sixth G-4 detonator, on board her ship. He later reveals to her that he returned it to the Master of Arms but they don’t suspect her of anything.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode again, even though it wasn’t quite up to the previous episode’s standards. We get to see more of Baltar’s attempts at coping with Number Six in his mind, and he begins to worry when Adama appoints a new staff member to him to help out, since he could spy on what he is up to. By the way: I know I’m behind with my watching on this, but I still felt like I had a need to write about it.