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Webcomics November 2nd, 2005

Posted by alsotop in Internet, Webcomics.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of webcomics, and I thought that I would share just some of the many I read day-to-day. I have no particular order here apart from the way I remember them in my head. Some are, of course, much bigger than others. Some of the webcomics are big enough to be substantial for their creators to work on them alone to support them, and others are independent works created by artists and writers in their spare time.

  • Penny Arcade – This is of course, the biggy – the webcomic following the tales of two gamers, Gabe and Tycho. Running since 1998, this cartoon is one of the longest running of the lot. You can really see the progression of the artwork and writing through the years – especially if you browse through the archives.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del – Originally, taking on the tried-and-tested formula of two gamer buddies, Ctrl+Alt+Del has been running since late 2002, and has since gained its own unique and lovable characters, now making it one of the most popular webcomics.
  • Building 12 – A manga-style webcomic created by Chris Hazelton beginning in 2002, features the mishaps of the dysfunctional students in Building 12 at Atica College. Over the years, the school has been attacked by a wide range of bizarre groups – including aliens, ex-students and the minions of Hell.
  • Misfile – Another manga-style webcomic also created by Chriz Hazelton in early 2004. Unlike Building 12 which is updated once a week, Misfile regularly has five, on Monday through Friday. The story begins when Ash and Emily’s files in Heaven are misplaced into the wrong cabinets by the angel Rumisiel. Emily loses the last two years of her life, and Ash’s file was moved into the girl drawer, and now everyone believes he/she has always been female.
  • VG Cats – Another gaming-realted webcomic started in 2001 starring a pair of cats, Leo and Aeris, who frequently take the parts of characters in various games. The comic definitely features a twist, and usually sticks to one off gags other than a continuing storyline.
  • MegaTokyo – One of the longest running, influential and controversial manga webcomics on the Internet which originally followed the mishaps of Piro and Largo, two american gamers who get stranded in Tokyo. The story has since changed from regular gags into a long running story with a great deal more characters. (and just for the record, I’m a fan of all the work, even after Caston’s leaving)
  • PvP (acronym for Player vs Player) is one of the most read webcomics that are currently updating. Although it originally featured solely around video gaming and RPGs etc, it now encompasses more technology jokes, office humour and relationship matters. Scott Kurtz made a ruckus in the webcomic world when he announced he would allow any print newspaper to reproduce his webcomic for free.
  • Anime Arcadia – A webcomic that plays on the cliche of many anime storylines along the lines of a cat girl, Kate who appears in the comic’s other star, Eric’s, life. The cartoon is already on its third artist since starting in 2004, but the storyline itself has remained somewhat constant.
  • GU Comics – GU started as a webcomic based around Everquest (“/gu” was the command to send a message to all guild members in Everquest) but has since spread both into other MMORPGs, and more recently even wider genres of video games. The artists persona, Woody and his alter-ego, Ted, often feature in the strips.
  • Questionable Content – I’ve only been reading this one for a couple of months, although I spent several hours going through the archives, spanning from 2003. The story centers around Marten and Faye – indie rock fanatics, who regularly discuss their music. The comic flicks between the romantic drama between Marten and Faye and friends and jokes, often related to the music they listen to.
  • Concerned – Subtitled, The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman, is a machinima-style webcomic, as the frames are made entirely by the Half-Life 2 engine, and “Garry’s Mod”, which allows manipulation of the game. Gordon Frohman, oft-mistook for Gordon Freeman, is a dimwit learning to survive against all odds in the harsh world in Half-Life.
  • Earthsong – A manga-influenced webcomic, Earthsong starts with a young woman who awakes in a strange world with no memories. She soon discovers she was brought to the planet Earthsong to help defend against the evil and greedy Beluosus.
  • Make with the Funny – A webcomic starring Rex, Zak and Walker, who are all gamers at heart. Since 2003, the plot has centered around the three and their everyday exploits. The comic mixes between gags and a somewhat continuing storyline.
  • Mac Hall – Started in 2000, this popular and long-running webcomic follows a group of slacker college students, drawn with a manga/anime-influenced style. Updates are quite infrequent since there is no planned schedule, but to date there have been over 350 comics.
  • Inverloch – Another manga-style comic which was started in 2003. The story begins with a young da’kor, who unlike the opinion of his race known for their fierce behaviour, befriends an elf Shiara, and vows to journey to find her love, Kayn’dar. Along his journey, he joins with another ousted elf, Lei’ella, a famous thief known as Varden, and a young mage, Neirenn.
  • Rob and Elliot – Rob and Elliot are room mates who move into a new apartment (the block coincedentally is also home to Doctor Doom) and share their life together. Although they have their differences, the pair do get along from time to time. Elliot works as a teacher, and Rob… doesn’t have a job, from what I see!
  • Urban Myth – Uhm… just… random?
  • 9th Elsewhere – As an emotionally fragile writer, Carmen is sent a muse called Eiji. However, Eiji’s bosses only sent him on this difficult case because he was on his last chance, and would be thrown out if he could not handle the case – so it is up to him to show them what he’s worth. This is yet another manga-style webcomic that has made it into my list!
  • The Last Days of FOXHOUND – A parody retelling of what happened to the bad guys from Metal Gear Solid, the FOXHOUND crew. As the author admits, the artwork is somewhat… “different”. He admits he can’t really draw, and uses vector drawings repeatedly copied to lay out his story. Still, aside from that, the long-running story can be really fun – but only if you’re a fan of the games. Otherwise, you won’t have a clue what’s going on!
  • Able and Baker – As testpilots for NASA, Able the monkey and Baker the sheep get up to lots of adventures in space, and around the space center. Just a little factoid for you: the first two animals launched into space were, of course, called Able and Baker.
  • comet 7
  • Alpha-Shade
  • Freex IRL
  • TwoKinds
  • Yosh!
  • Flipside
  • Refried
  • Count Your Sheep

Just so you know, yeah, I chickened out at the end. My head is spinning now, and I need to get some rest and some headache tablets before I explode. Hopefully, I’ll get around to finishing the rest of this post tomorrow. In the mean time, I have linked to the rest of the webcomics I would like to talk about.

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