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Battlestar Galactica 7 – Six Degrees of Seperation November 6th, 2005

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The show is really getting deep and full of tension now and there’s a lot of interesting things going on. This episode is a Gaius Baltar heavy episode, because he is definitely my favourite character, simply because he’s got a completely non-typical role. You can’t simply define him as good or evil, which is great – that’s certainly my thing. The episode begins with more of Gaius’s delusional dealings with Number Six, when he’s interrupted by Dee, and taken to the CIC. He sees a Number Six clone, and immediately believes her to be the one in his head, when he soon cottons on to the fact that she is different, and everyone esle can, too, see her. She calls her self Miss Godfrey and claims that Gaius was behind the security leak, and gave the Cylons access to the Security Network. Everyone begins to doubt Gaius and he is soon revoked of his rights aboard the ship. Meanwhile, Starbuck is dealing with her broken leg, and Tyrol and Cally are trying to work out how she got the Cylon spaceship to fly. President Laura Roslin suffers an attack while Gaius was trying to persuade her to see that Godfrey could in actual fact be a Cylon agent. When Godfrey starts acting strange in front of Adama, he begins to suspect that she may be questionable. Down on Cylon occupied Caprica, Sharon and Helo are still running from the Cylons and finally manage to give them the slip by hiding by a bridge. Gaius follows Gaeta in to the bathroom to hold a secret conversation with him since he is really concerned about his wellbeing if Gaeta finds Gaius’s face in the picture Godfrey provides, but he escapes before he can be interrogated any more. Godfrey comes into the bathroom and Gaius forces himself into her cubicle to find out more information. The Galictica’s copy of Sharon begins a somewhat awkward conversation with Tyrol (ever since he decided they should no longer be seeing each other) but his edgy questions force her to abruptly leave. Starbuck finally manages to use her crutches to come help Tyrol and Cally to start the Cylon ship, since they still haven’t progressed anywhere. After a few minutes messing within the gooey insides, she manages to get it started like she did when she was trapped on the planet. The President comes to visit Gaius who was taken to the brig after he tried to destroy the incriminating evidence, and she informs him that he doesn’t believe her. When in her room, Sharon finds that her mirror has had “Cylon” scribbled over it in yellow paint, and she begins to worry that she may actually be a Cylon and that someone else might know. On Caprica, Helo admits to the other Sharon that he has always liked her and was jealous of her relationship with Tyrol. Obviously, this Sharon already knows that she is a Cylon – she kisses him, and with some dramatic music (which seemed very different to the score so far) and between the other Sharon’s attempts to remove “Cylon” from her mirror, she and Helo make love, but on her back we see the dodgy red lights like the other Cylons – dun dun dun! We return to Gaius in his cell, who has now begun to resort to praying to “The God” when Number Six finally appears to comfort him, after not showing for some time. Gaeta shows up, and Gaius begins to panic, but soon he discovers that Gaeta has managed to clear him, since the photos were in actual fact fakes. Adama and Tigh learn that Godfrey has somehow managed to escape without anyone noticing and set out a fleet-wide search for her. President Laura Roslin gives Gaius Baltar a public exoneration, and Number Six finally reveals to Baltar the whole scheme was a ploy to make Gaius appear much more trustworthy, since it is very unlikely he will be accused of treason twice. As the episode ends, Gaius begins to question if Godfrey ever existed, or if like the Number Six in his brain, she was just a figment of imagination. This was another brilliant episode, and once again, I cannot wait to watch the next one, Flesh and Bone.

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1. David (Foxcek) - November 7th, 2005

Very nice synopsis indeed! i’m glad you are enjoying the show. It is certainly one you ‘do’ need to ‘get into’ in order to enjoy it to the full.

2. alsotop - November 10th, 2005

Thanks for your comments – I really am enjoying the show, so thank you very much for introducing me. I certainly have gotten into the show now, and it’s really growing on me.

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