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Battlestar Galactica 8 – Flesh and Bone November 10th, 2005

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Another brilliant episode of Battlestar Galactica, which sees the return of the cylon Leoben Conoy, who previously showed up in the miniseries when Adama was trapped with him. The episode starts when President Laura Roslin is having a strange dream where she is walking through a forest at night, and suddenly a group of soldiers run past. In the distance, Leoben silently calls to Laura. Slightly reluctantly, she decides to run towards him, where he covers her mouth and hide behind a tree as the soldiers pass by. Afterwards, he lowers his head, before he’s mysteriously sucked away. When he then mentions her name, Laura wakes up in a sweat and goes for her pills. Billy asks if she’s okay, but she doesn’t want to be disturbed, yet he has important news: a Cylon has appeared onboard a ship in the fleet. As it turns out, the Cylon in question is Leobon Conoy, and since he had recently featured in her dreams, the President wants him to be interrogated as he might be able to shed some light on their situation. Adama enlists Starbuck’s help for questioning the Cylon, but warns her that he will desperately seek to get in her head, since he knows of his dastardly mind games. Galactica Boomer is wandering around the Cylon raider, humming to herself when Chief comes in and they share some more awkward small-talk. Boomer admits she’s a Cylon, without even knowing, but he doesn’t believe her and passes it off as a sick joke. On board the Gemini, Starbuck notes how Leoben is sweating, just like a human. As soon as she begins, he already starts playing tricks and refusing to ask any questions, so Starbuck walks out. When he calls out her name, without ever being told, she’s taken back, and returns to the table, somewhat flustered. He tells her that he planted a nuclear warhead upon one of the ships, and without being able to take any risks, she has to believe what he says could be true. After returning, they exchange more heated talk and Leoben explains how the Cylons pray to only one God, the true God, and not the 12 Lords of Kobol. Starbuck has one of the guards to punch Leoben, who feels pain – since the Humano-Cylons are built to feel pain. Her ultimate goal is to get him to realise that he is not a human, since he has the power to turn off his pain or any other negative effect on him. Back on Galactica, Boomer comes to Gaius with the intent of using his Cylon detector to see if she is in actual fact a Cylon. Under Number Six’s guidance, he finally decides to accept her for a beta test. Caprica Boomer leaves Helo after the night they shared, late to her meeting with Number Six and Aaron. They’re beginning to distrust her, since she seems to be falling for Helo, becoming more like a human, but since she is still a Cylon, they have to continue. “We had sex.” “Congratulations.” They talk about how he might now be willing to follow Boomer’s every command since they are now very close. Boomer decides that she and Helo should run away after thinking about what Number Six and Aaron said and the times they’ve shared together, and takes Helo with her. Back to the Gemini, Starbuck continues with what has now become a torture, instead of an interrogation. She makes the guards leave to fetch her something, and Leoben describes in great detail that in the time it would take for them to return, he could get free of his chains, and kill Starbuck. And then he does, breaking his chains with one swift action and throwing the table across the room. He takes Starbuck by the neck and pushes her up against the door, which he locks. He repeats his, “I have a surprise for you” message before the guards take him down – he obviously was not wanting to kill Starbuck right now.

Adama decides to order the ships to spread out, effectively leaving them defenceless but minimising any possible damages if the threats of a nuclear warhead was true. Starbuck starts to use a bucket of ice cold water to get the answer she wants out of Leoben, but he remains true to his game, and says nothing. She threatens that he will drown in his bucket, but he again explains that he can’t die – since his conscious will just transfer to another body. Starbuck thinks she has the upper hand because he must be worried about not being able to transfer because he’s actually speaking to them. Back to Gaius and Boomer, the DNA sample was taken and he is about to begin the test. Number Six says that the results will be very interesting for Gaius. When all the tests return Red, explaining Cylon, he begins to panic, and desperately tries to change everything. Eventually, he sets it all to green, and explains (still worriedly) that she’s not a Cylon, but 100% human, and she goes on her way, much more relieved. Now Gaius faces the dilemma of whether he should tell anyone about the results of Boomer’s test. He didn’t want to tell her because he thought that might activate her Cylon programming, which would be very troublesome for him. Laura once again sees Leoben in a dream, and once again wakes up sweating. She decides that she would like to speak to him herself. She walks in on Starbuck’s supposed-interrogation-turned-torture and demands to know what’s going on. Since Starbuck hasn’t actually found anything about the warhead from Leoben, Laura decides to take a different tactic. He has him cleaned up and unchained. She apologises and explains that there isn’t, in actual fact, a nuclear warhead. He tells her not to be too hard on Starbuck and then he suddenly reaches forward, and the guards get edgy, but she tells them to stand back. He secretly whispers to her, “Laura, I have something to tell you: Adama is a Cylon.” She’s taken back, and then comes to the conclusion that he should be thrown out the airlock. Before he is ejected, Starbuck feels that although he was a Cylon, he may really have had a soul. As he is sucked out through the airlock, Laura realises that this was the same as in her dream.

This was definitely another enjoyable episode of BSG, with a lot of intelligent and psychological context. I thoroughly enjoyed the performances of the characters and the stories, and it’s just continuing to expand my love of the series. The episode was slightly one-sided to just Starbuck and Leoben, and we had barely any mention of any other characters, bar fleeting scenes with Laura, Adam and Tigh. Boomer’s scene with Number Six and Aaron was cool, simply because I love all the Cylon characters! The next episode, Tigh Me Up Tigh Me Down looks interesting – and hopefully I’ll get around to seeing it very soon.

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