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Red Dwarf Series 7 November 11th, 2005

Posted by alsotop in Red Dwarf, Shows.

Red Dwarf Series 7 DVD coverOn Monday, the seventh series of Red Dwarf was released on DVD by the BBC. Personally, it’s one of my least favourite seasons of the show, but of course, it’s still incredibly enjoyable. This boxset is the biggest one to date, the content and extra features spanning on to three DVDs (the previous six releases were double-discs). For the first time, the BBC commisioned eight episodes (instead of the usual six) and on top of that, the DVD features the original uncut full-length versions of three episodes, Tikka to Ride, Ouroborus and Duct Soup without any laughter tracks. Additionally, Tikka to Ride has been remastered with new special effects (although the original, of course, is still preserved on the DVD) and the lost episode, Identity Within, is presented in storyboard format performed by Chris Barrie. Every episode features Cast Commentaries, there are plenty of deleted scenes and many featurettes. Overall, its packed to the brim with features that will take me absolutely ages to get through. I can assure you, I will have a lot of fun with this DVD!

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