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Resurrection Ship, Pt. I January 8th, 2006

Posted by alsotop in Battlestar Galactica.

Battlestar Galactica has returned! The continuation of Season 2 aired yesterday on the Sci-Fi channel, and BSG fans have rejoiced the return of the show since its “Season Finale” back in September last year. Before I continue with writing up my synopsis and comments on this episode, I am going to warn that there will be spoilers to those who aren’t lucky enough to have seen this episode yet. Unlike my write-ups of previous episodes that have already been aired almost globally, this ones fresh. Over here in the UK, Sky hasn’t even begun showing Season 2 episodes yet (although the first starts on Tuesday, should anyone wish to watch!) The rest of this post will continue after the jump, but do not read it if you don’t want spoilers. I think that was fair warning.

We were left at the end of the last episode of Pegasus with a stand off between Galactica’s and Pegaus’s Vipers after Cain took Helo and Chief and charged them with the murder of her officer, leaving them with an execution order. The calamity is avoided when Starbuck returns from her secret espionage mission capturing photos of the mysterious Cylon Resurrection ship. Believing Starbuck’s Blackbird to be a raider, since it doesn’t have any transponder signals, Cain orders her vipers to investigate the possible Cylon raider. The standoff between Adama and Cain continues, but they step down and decide to talk on neutral ground: The Colonial One. President Laura Roslin helps to come to a truce between the two Battlestars while they launch an operation on the new heavily guarded Cylon ship, leaving the other topics to be resolved after the Cylon fleet has been dealt with.

BSG Pic 01 BSG Pic 02

After her daring recon mission capturing the high-quality photos of the Resurrection Ship, Cain decides to promote Starbuck to Captain because she is daring enough to lead a successful mission. Cain tells her that her wish is to return to the Caprica and save the survivors still aboard the plan. Starbuck instantly believes her, but it is more likely, in my opinion, that Cain is simply trying to gain trust in her and doesn’t actually wish to return to Caprica at all. Back on the Colonial One, Laura bluntly informs Adama that Cain must be killed. He’s slightly taken back, but she explains that it is the only way to save the fleet.

Doctor Cottle is looking at Sharon back on the Galactica with Adama. She has suffered some injuries from her rape by the officer of the Pegasus, but it seems the biggest damage to her is psychological. Like Gaius mentioned previously when he met the abused Number Six on board Pegasus, it seems the Cylons also suffer from psychological damage – and it seems that they are more like humans than the humans themselves first expected. Sharon is concerned about Helo and Chief because she heard that they were to be executed, but Adama explains that he will not let that happen. He apologises to the obviously distraught Sharon, and informs Dr Cottle to finish checking that she’s okay and return her to her cell. Apollo comes to inform Helo and Chief in the cells about the situation. They are both taken back about how close to war the Pegasus and Galactica were.

BSG Pic 03 BSG Pic 04

Gaius, again in his own world, tells his fantasy Number Six that he’s lost interest. Not in Number Six herself, but the place he’s in. It’s quite possible that Gaius is beginning to feel tired of his Caprica imagination, and losing his touch with the human world. Back in the real world, Cain comes to see Gaius’s progress with their captured Cylon. Gaius stops the Admiral short of kicking and injuring her further. She instructs Gaius to find out information about the new ship Starbuck reported back on. When Cain and her guards leave, Number Six jumps on Gaius and tries to strangle him to death.

Tigh and Jack are once again having a conversation, with drinks included, and soon Jack begins to explain how the Pegasus once had a civilian fleet, much like Galactica, but every part of the ships were stripped, and certain “important” individuals were taken onboard the Pegasus. Those who refused or restrained had their entire families shot. Tigh is incredibly shocked by this revelation and later passes the information on to Adama.

BSG Pic 05 BSG Pic 06

In Number Six’s cell, Gaius brings some new clothes and again tries to talk with her. She retells how when she came to Pegaus, she was fully aware of her nature as a Cylon, and she definitely wasn’t a sleeper agent. But she didn’t care, because she knew when she was killed, she would simply be downloaded to another agent. However, Cain and the officers on the Pegasus didn’t have her killed, and instead she was raped and abused and suffered severe pain. She tells Gaius that she wants to die, but the only way to do that would be if they destroyed the ship. The ship is in actual fact a “Resurrection Ship”, designed for killed Cylons to download into a new body. Because they are so far away from the Cylon homeworld, this ship is required for those Cylons to resurrect themselves.

Adama again talks with Roslin, who is having a “bad day” and is fairly under the weather, about Admiral Cain and decides that she is right – that for the future safety of the human fleet, Cain must be removed. Helo and Chief, still waiting in their cell on the Pegasus are discussing Sharon again. Helo explains that he does in fact truly love Sharon, despite the fact she isn’t even human, and asks Chief to give her up if he can.

BSG Pic 07 BSG Pic 08

Cain and Adama, each in their own personal rooms aboard their own Battlestars both begin to plan what to do next. When they next meet aboard the Galactica to discuss the battle plan against the Cylon resurrection ship with Starbuck, Apollo and Jack present, they exchange menacing glares. Adama asks that Starbuck be left behind so that he may talk with her, and Cain and Jack leave. Commander Adama tells Starbuck he has a mission for her: he wants her to assassinate Cain after the success of the Cylon operation. Cain also tells Jack that she wants him to be with Adama after the mission, and after the victory, to order her marines to kill Adama.

And there we are left with another ‘To Be Continued’ at such a moment of high tension – both Battlestar commanders planning on having the other assassinated. In my opinion, it seems to me that Jack is beginning to show doubt in Cain’s command, especially with her previous military choices. This episode was definitely very exciting, and the presence of the new Cylon ship was very ominous and imposing. The next episode should have incredibly high tension, but we’ll have to wait until next week to follow what happens!

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1. Foxcek - January 8th, 2006

Good to see the reviews have returned as the new Season continues… I loved the episode but we want more Gaeta! (and his model making)

2. alsotop - January 8th, 2006

Gaeta certainly does make some nice models of the Resurrection Ship… and pretty quickly considering the intricate detail I saw on it!

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