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Occupation October 7th, 2006

Posted by alsotop in Battlestar Galactica, Shows.

Battlestar Galactica kicks back into action with Season 3, and it’s certainly come with an enormously large bang. The new season is thrilling, dark and asks many more questions. The first two episodes have been aired in a double-bill, and here I am, back to write about them. Occupation and Precipice were shown Friday on Sci-Fi as a two-hour season premier special, and they sure were a blast. Once again, there’s going to be spoilers in my post – pretty much every single thing I’m going to say will one way or another spoil your experience if you haven’t seen the episodes already. If you aren’t afraid of the spoilers, or you’ve seen it already, then continue…

So, at the end of Season 2, we’d taken a dramatic jump of one year into the future, after landing on the planet of New Caprica. And now this episode has begun, yet another four months has passed. Do we get to know any of what went on in the previous year? Not yet, but producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick promised that flashbacks in the coming episodes will begin to reveal some of the story we missed in the 16 months we were gone. Hopefully, this will eventually answer some of the questions that have been bugging BSG fans for the past seven months since the end of Season 2. The new season also brings about a slightly new intro sequence, replacing the end with three new short scenes (albeit taken from Season 2 footage):

BSG 3x01 Occupation #1 BSG 3x01 Occupation #2 BSG 3x01 Occupation #3

The episode begins with some harsh images of Saul, kept in the detention center, presumably for several days, and obviously tortured. And also interspersed with scenes of Ellen getting very “intimate” (in her own way). Next, candles are lit, whilst someone begins setting up an explosive device. Adama picks up models used for strategic planning in the Situation Room, and frustrated chucks them across the table. Laura Roslin prays in the temple, and then we return to the explosives. Tyrol and Anders are speedily assembling the bomb and place it on a wall. We also see Kara sitting at a very well-furnished apartment (within relation to the rest of New Caprica that is), where she is served dinner by Leoben. She’s not been given a knife for obvious reasons (she has a bit of a short temper and likes to stab things into people’s necks, remember?) Leoben acts as if everything is very normal, and says grace for their food. Meanwhile, screams are heard by Tigh in his cell, when Brother Cavil brings in a chair and sits down to begin interrogating him. Elsewhere, it is revealed Ellen is in actual fact with another Cavil, who afterwards, laughs manically. However, she’s only doing what she’s doing in an attempt to free Tigh from the detention cells, which Cavil informs her is happening as they speak. Tigh is released and meets Ellen at the gates, who are more than happy to see each other. Tyrol and Anders have set up the bomb as a heavy Cylon Raider lands, and is greeted by several cylons (Six and Sharon amongst them – possibly even the Six and Sharon who began the new effort, although that is pretty doubtful). After a few attempts at detonating the bomb fail, it finally explodes and they get out of there as quick as they can. Back with Kara, Leoben sees the explosion and comments on the “frakking insurgents”. When he leans down to tell Kara how “lovely” she looks, she brings out her fork, and stabs him right through the neck, and then impales him several times again. As he dies, he mutters “I’ll see you soon…. Kara”. She replies, “take your time”, casually wipes off the blood and returns to eating her meal.

BSG 3x01 Occupation #4 BSG 3x01 Occupation #5

Laura is writing in a diary, and notes it has been 134 days since the Cylons occupied the humans in New Caprica, and the the fleet left their side. She writes that the insurgent strikes are what keeps the race with hope against the Cylons, until Adama returns to save them. There is an individual who is relaying some of the secret information from Baltar’s presidential office and leaving it in the hands of Tyrol and the insurgency. They don’t know who it is, but they obviously have pretty good access to top-secret information and are willing to risk their lives to relay it to them. Back on Colonial One, the Top Cylons have a meeting: The Brother Cavils believe that they need to instill fear into the humans in order to stop the suicide bombings and make them more “persuadable”. Caprica Six mentions that the majority of the Cylons thought that the “slaughter of mankind has been a mistake” and that was their reason for being here, and Sharon mentions that they’re “here to find a new way to live in peace”. Cavil mocks them and returns to this point. D’anna and two Dorals remain quiet on the situation for the moment. Cavil suggests that they execute Baltar. Suddenly, he stops reading at his desk and hears in on the situation, “What!? What?” Of course, Caprica!Six says it’s not going to happen, but Cavil dismisses her point because she’s too infatuated with him. The Dorals say it doesn’t matter anyway because Gaius is already seen as a traitor and killing him now we’ll probably receive cheers from the humans. Cavil gives up on his idea and instead suggests they go after the insurgency leaders and random groups of people on the street to show them they mean business. He mentions that they’ll otherwise reduce the population to a more “manageable size, say less than a 1000”. Caprica!Six and Sharon still refute it. Cavil leaves, after giving up on his point. As they all leave, D’anna questions Caprica!Six on whether its worth it, and she replies with the trailer-line “If you ever had experienced love, you wouldn’t have to ask”.

Laura continues to write in her journal, about a new police force started by the Cylons where they are recruiting humans into the NCP, “New Caprica Policeforce”. She goes on to say how anyone who signs up are all wrong, and doing the dirty work of the Cylons is ridiculous. In the scene, we see that Jammer has signed up to become one of the NCP. Hundreds of people have been rounded up and sent to the detention camp for interrogating and torture, and others have gone missing straight away. Meanwhile, Cally is with Tyrol’s and her’s baby. Tyrol has to go out, and she questions that sometime he’ll go out and never come back. In the fresh of night, Tigh wanders along to a hidden bunker, meeting with Tyrol and Anders, at the secret hideout of the insurgent leaders. Tyrol welcomes him back from the detention camp into his “freedom”. He tells them what’s with his eyepatch – the Cylons during their interrogation and torture tore out his eye, and showed it to him right in front of him. Their next target is to be the Graduation for the New Caprica Police – Tigh wonders where they got them from, but Tyrol has no idea. He says that Gaius Baltar will be at the ceremony, and there’s a chance they’ll be able to get a shot at him. Even though there’ll be innocent deaths, Tigh strictly says not to avoid him and that getting him is their top target on the agenda to send the message to the Cylons. Tyrol continues to try and contact any Raptor that might be out above the planet, like in Galactica’s plan, but the Cylons continually block the signal. Anders refuses to believe their ever coming back, and that Galactica left him, just like Kara. Who has been missing for four months, since the day Leoben came into their tent and asked for her.

BSG 3x01 Occupation #6 BSG 3x01 Occupation #7

Leoben returns to Kara, after redownloading into a new body. Kara appears to soften up to Leoben, and cries and accepts him. Of course, he sees right through her plan. He tells her to “put it down” – she’s holding the knife from dinner. However many times she kills him (and it’s five times so far), he’ll just keep coming back because he’s a “patient man”. He goes off to bed and says it’d be nice if she could join him. But either way, she’d be spending the night with him, as he points to his dead body still lieing in the room. She attempts to escape, runs out the door, and to the bars, and screams the trailer-line, “Let me out!!”

We finally return to Galactica, where the new CAG, Kat, is attempting to perform a group maneuver. So far they’ve failed sixteen attempts to pull it off, and its showing off how there’s a general failure with the entire crew of the fleet. Adama walks around a nearly empty and rundown Galactica, where lights aren’t working and it is severely undermanned. On telling them to perform the maneuver a seventeenth time, Apollo demands a direct link with Galactica to question his father’s idea. Apollo is fat, big time. The first time he is seen is when he’s wearing nothing but a towel around his waste, and it is not pretty. Adama gets angry at him, mainly because if they can’t complete this in training, then there’s no way they can do it in real life with Cylons. Out in space, one of the Vipers is involved in a collision and needs an immediate landing. Adama cuts fatty Apollo off to return to his duty. Afterwards, Apollo comes aboard the Galactica to complain to his father. Adama says he’s soft, “both mentally and physically” (Oooh, burn!!) and all he does is complain and whine. In the four months, he’s not gotten “his act together”. Adama tells him to “turn around and get his fat ass out of here!” and shouts “Dismissed” at him to make him leave. Of course this shows the deteriation of their relationship over the past year, even though during the first season they were both becoming much closer to each other, especially after overcoming the Zak incident.

BSG 3x01 Occupation #8 BSG 3x01 Occupation #9

Back on New Caprica, Anders is playing Pyramid with Duck. This begs the question, how did Anders get well again if Kara has been away for four months – where did he get the antibiotics from? It couldn’t have been any humans, because all the anti-biotics were stashed aboard the Pegasus, so either he received it from the Cylons themselves, or he thought it off himself – or, perhaps he’s a Cylon!? (Yay for wild speculation!) Whilst playing, Duck and him are conversing about whether Duck’s going to go ahead with his mission. Tyrol and Tigh are on the benches watching over, and Tyrol expresses his unhappiness with this plan, but Tigh, strict as ever reinforces that this needs to be done. Anders is making sure Duck is going to go be confident enough to do this, but Duck replies that since his wife Nora was killed, he has nothing to live for. I liked the link in to webisodes, which explained Duck’s backstory here and somewhat his motivations for doing this. It’s not essential to the storyline, like they explained, but it does add a little extra, as well as being something to keep ravaging fans from going mad in the intevening period before the season premier! Tigh notes that this is the best chance to take out Gaius Baltar, so it is essential they take this chance. Duck strongly replies he’s commited to the mission, and Anders shows his enormous appreciation for it with a manly hug, and replies “May the Gods be with you”, which makes Duck a little awry, since his disbelief in the Gods, and his whole “Frak the Gods! The Gods killed Nora!!” since she was killed in the temple. Tyrol mentions his trailer-line, “Somethings you just don’t do Colonol, not even war.” Tigh Wanders off, and the plan is in motion.

BSG 3x01 Occupation #10 BSG 3x01 Occupation #11

Again we return to the Galactica, and Adama is sitting in the cell with Sharon. He feels he doesn’t know who his son is anymore, nor his crew or his ship. The only person he connects with, ironically isnt a person: its Sharon. She’s obviously soften up to him as well, and even asks him a personal question about his guilt for leaving people behind. And yet another trailer-line, “I don’t think we can survive, unless the man at the top, finds a way to forgive himself.” Adama gives his trademark look, but says nothing. On Pegasus, Apollo, still eating away getting even fatter, complains about Adama to Dee. When she says nothing, Apollo presumes she agrees with him, but she’s not looking for a fight, so she just tries to avoid it. Dee comes out and says he is soft, because he’s lost his edge because he “lost his war”.

The anonymous tipper comes by and leaves a new document for the insurgency, a list of the Cylon Jamming Frequencies that Tyrol needed in order to contact any raptors orbiting the planet. Tyrol picks it up and attempts to send a message, but its continually jammed. Up in orbit of the planet, there is a raptor with Racetrack aboard, looking for any signs of wireless signals. They have about 10 minutes before they jump away. Tyrol manages to succeed in sending a signal. Racetrack is about to leave, when the signal is picked up and it’s a Colonial transmission. They send a signal and jump out of atmosphere back to the Galactica. Returning to the ship, Racetrack announces they’ve made contact with the ground and confirms that Tigh has started an insurgency group. Adama mumbles the next trailer-line, “It’s gonna be okay.”

BSG 3x01 Occupation #12 BSG 3x01 Occupation #13

Tori and Laura are in the school tent after hours, and she has come across several surveilance pictures of people who have signed up to the New Caprica Police. They’ve managed to get about 50 names, but there is 200 people who’ve signed up. Meanwhile, Duck is praying to the Gods because he’ll need a lot of help with today’s mission. Gaeta comes to Baltar’s office and tells him it’s time for the graduation ceremony. Baltar doesn’t reply, but Caprica!Six replies “Morning, Gaeta”. Baltar states that he wont be going to the ceremony because of “security concern”. Gaeta walks out as quickly as can to “let the staff know”. As soon as he’s out, he runs as fast as he can to get to the insurgent group – obviously Gaeta is the inside man in the Presidential Office. Tyrol is mentioning they should call of the strike to Tigh, but he still thinks they shouldn’t pass up the “golden opportunity”. Tigh tells him not to call it off unless the source says Baltar’s not going to be there. Tyol checks the source’s point, but there’s no message, so he returns and goes back. Immediately after, Gaeta gets there and leaves his mark – too late. Duck has strapped plenty of explosives around his waste and is preparing for his mission. You can’t call this season not dark, when it’s stock full of suicide bombers. He attends the graduation ceremony, which is proceeded by a D’anna instead of Baltar. But its too late to back out on the plan now, and when the Cylons shake hands with Duck, he mutters “I’ll see you soon Nora” and then presses the button. The episode ends with hundreds of bodies lieing on the ground, as paper falls from the sky.

BSG 3x01 Occupation #14 BSG 3x01 Occupation #15 BSG 3x01 Occupation #16

Precipice begins. Come back later to see my writeup on the second-half of the double-episode!



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