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Eccleston in Heroes January 24th, 2007

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So, I’m watching the new episode of Heroes (quite likable, I must add, but more on that in a later post, after exams) and then a new guy comes on the screen, and I’m thinking “Hmmm, that guy looks like Christopher Eccleston.” Then he starts laughing, and I’m further thinking, “Wow, this guy laughs like Christopher Eccleston…. Wait a second!” So I checked (before even finishing watching the episode) and lo and behold, it was bloody Christopher Eccleston!

Christopher Eccleston

Needless to say, I was nicely thrilled 🙂 More information, yet spoilery for those who haven’t seen Episode 12, after the jump: (more…)


I’m dreaming, aren’t I? January 23rd, 2007

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Yes, I fully realise Battlestar Galactica’s return is already upon us – I’ve already watched the episode, and it was quite the doozy, but I’ll write about it in full later (damn my inevitable doom at the hands of exams!) For now, enjoy Baltar’s Dream, from the beginning of the third series. It’s easily one of my favourite scenes we saw.

Drive promo pics and a talk January 21st, 2007

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Drive Promo Pic #1

There’s a nice bunch of pictures for Tim Minear’s new series ‘Drive’ over on Just Jared which are all kinds of shiny. The entire cast and Tim Minear with executive producers, Ben Queen and Greg Yaitanes, were giving a juicy Q and A about the show. Tim Minear, gaining a notoriety for being on shows which inevitabily get cancelled although later get discovered and loved, went on record that he doesn’t know if there will be multiple arcs – “I’ve never been past 15 episodes myself.”

Nathan Fillion on IESB January 20th, 2007

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Nathan Fillion was at the premier of Smokin’ Aces, since his friendship with Ryan Reynolds, back in Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, who stars in the movie. It’s not a bad movie actually, despite the bad reviews it was gettin on Rotten Tomatoes, but it has yet to be released in America (you’ll get on the 26th). IESB managed to grab a nice short and sweet video interview with the captain himself, where it talks about Drive, the future of Firefly (none!) and more. Apparently he had just come from the first day of filming the first episode (again!).

Heroes gets a second series January 19th, 2007

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From SciFi Wire comes news that Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, has announced that Heroes has been renewed for a second series. Of course, this is great news for them and fans of the show alike! Season 1 will run its course of 23 episodes, the ending which is still on the storyboard, apparently. The second series will be a complete (20-odd episodes) series which will “allow the writers to explore more story possibilities.” We also have word that the current storyline of the apocalyptic doom will be covered before the end of Season 1.

Slightly less newsy, but good to hear anyway, Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica is pretty much a “done deal” according to the shakers and the movers behind the show. They will be watching for how viewership figures compare, with the new move to a Sunday slot, which reaches their demographics higher. We’ll hear a confirming announcement some time in February about the show. Hopefully it might also clear up the speculation of the possibility of a Direct-to-DVD/Television movie (link also contains spoilers and speculation for the rest of Season 3 and info about Starbuck, be warned!) in between Season 3. Remember if you’re watching in the US, the show is now on Sunday, not Friday. If you’re good, and I remember, perhaps I’ll get back to writing bits about the episode, maybe just not as long!

Also, good news for Losties, rather than the current season’s airing as 6 episodes and then a further 17 (to begin in February), Season 4 is likely to air in one complete block, at least in the US. It will most likely air in January 2008 for 22-23 episodes. Season 3 will resume in 20 days (24 in the UK) and if you’re already eager to see what happens in Episode 7, hop on over to Lostpedia’s article, which briefly details what we can expect.

The Return of the Shows January 19th, 2007

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It seems the new season of shows to watch is just around the corner. Many shows will soon be returning from their brief mid-season breaks and be back on the air, and this includes, amongst others, Battlestar Galactica Season 3. Of course, as I have written previously, I am absolutely in love with this show, so it’s return is greatly appreciated. But yet, I have slowly been adapting to watching other shows, shock horror, would you believe it!Benjamin Linus

  • Battlestar Galactica (Returns Sunday 21st January)
    At the end of the last episode, we were left with Adama posed to set off all the remaining warheads on to the Algae Planet; Starbuck had been shot down by a Cylon party; Apollo refused Anders to set a rescue attempt; Gaius had returned to the Galactica; Chief had found the Temple of the Five; the Cylons had appeared; and just to top it all off, a supernova was about to go off and blow both humans and cylons alike into smithereens. Now you can’t get much better than that!
  • Lost (Returns Wednesday 7th February)
    Of course, its still the show everyone watches, and I finally got myself into it. We’ve been left hanging on the edge from the sixth episode for a while now, and we all want to find out what the heck is going on! Will Kate and Sawyer get off the second Island? What happens to Jack? Just who is Benjamin Linus? And what is Juliet’s game?
  • Heroes (Returns Monday 22nd January)
    I watched the first episode of this, and wasn’t too impressed, but gave it a chance, and it quickly drew me in. By episode 5, there was no stopping me. I’ve still got one episode to see before it returns this Monday, but I won’t have too much chance to catch up because of my upcoming Networks and Discrete Maths exams next week, but once they’re over, I’ll be all over it. Aww man, I love Hiro! He’s great!

What else should I be watching? I’m looking forward to Tim Minear’s Drive after easter, since the rumours of Nathan Fillion replacing the lead role have now been confirmed, and how much better can you get than a writer from Firefly and the greatest captain of all time? Also, there’s a chance Nicholas Lea might be included, although with the cast redraft, I’m not incredibly certain, unfortunately. The Dresden Files might get a look in, but I don’t hold my hopes high (perhaps it’ll surprise me!) So, yeah, back to my question, what else should I be watching?