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Heroes gets a second series January 19th, 2007

Posted by alsotop in Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Lost, Shows.

From SciFi Wire comes news that Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, has announced that Heroes has been renewed for a second series. Of course, this is great news for them and fans of the show alike! Season 1 will run its course of 23 episodes, the ending which is still on the storyboard, apparently. The second series will be a complete (20-odd episodes) series which will “allow the writers to explore more story possibilities.” We also have word that the current storyline of the apocalyptic doom will be covered before the end of Season 1.

Slightly less newsy, but good to hear anyway, Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica is pretty much a “done deal” according to the shakers and the movers behind the show. They will be watching for how viewership figures compare, with the new move to a Sunday slot, which reaches their demographics higher. We’ll hear a confirming announcement some time in February about the show. Hopefully it might also clear up the speculation of the possibility of a Direct-to-DVD/Television movie (link also contains spoilers and speculation for the rest of Season 3 and info about Starbuck, be warned!) in between Season 3. Remember if you’re watching in the US, the show is now on Sunday, not Friday. If you’re good, and I remember, perhaps I’ll get back to writing bits about the episode, maybe just not as long!

Also, good news for Losties, rather than the current season’s airing as 6 episodes and then a further 17 (to begin in February), Season 4 is likely to air in one complete block, at least in the US. It will most likely air in January 2008 for 22-23 episodes. Season 3 will resume in 20 days (24 in the UK) and if you’re already eager to see what happens in Episode 7, hop on over to Lostpedia’s article, which briefly details what we can expect.



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