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Eccleston in Heroes January 24th, 2007

Posted by alsotop in Heroes.

So, I’m watching the new episode of Heroes (quite likable, I must add, but more on that in a later post, after exams) and then a new guy comes on the screen, and I’m thinking “Hmmm, that guy looks like Christopher Eccleston.” Then he starts laughing, and I’m further thinking, “Wow, this guy laughs like Christopher Eccleston…. Wait a second!” So I checked (before even finishing watching the episode) and lo and behold, it was bloody Christopher Eccleston!

Christopher Eccleston

Needless to say, I was nicely thrilled 🙂 More information, yet spoilery for those who haven’t seen Episode 12, after the jump: Christopher Eccleston plays Claude, who we haven’t really gotten to know yet, because he’s only featured for the last few minutes of the last episode, but I secretly hope his character might become a bit more major. Claude is a “Hero”, who’s super power is invisibility – and he uses his power to non-chalantly thieve from people’s handbags. Peter, who always absorbs powers – whether he likes it or not – takes on his power unknowingly and confronts Claude, not realising no one else can see him. Claude is taken aback that he can be seen and physically confronts Peter, pulling him up to a lamp post. Poor Peter always seems to be getting in trouble wherever he goes! 😉 Anyway, yes, Christopher Eccleston in Heroes. Good choice, people!



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