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Awakening February 12th, 2006

Posted by alsotop in Ergo Proxy.

Ril MayerThe first episode of Ergo Proxy scored an early release in Japan, and a quick fansubbing group was already on the job to complete an English subtitled version of the new anime series. From the trailers and what little I understood from the official website, this seemed to be one hell of a show to watch out for. Firstly, it is directed by Shukou Murase, who directed my favourite, Witch Hunter Robin; it also comes from the team behind Samurai Champloo, and after watching the trailers, who cannot resist all its goodness? Everything from the dark sci-fi theme, to the fluid animation, the awesome soundtrack to the interesting looking characters and storyline just seemed to all fall in place for me. There are some screengrabs from the first episode after the jump, if you’re interested to see how this show looks. At the end of the episode, a woman explains that in the actual airing of the episode on February 25th, the theme song, Paranoid Android (although in the subbing, its misinterpreted as “Crazy Proxy“) by Radiohead will feature along with the show. I’d quite like to see how that one will fit together with an opening scene… sort of reminds me how Girls on Film by Duran Duran was chosen for Speed Grapher. (more…)